3D printed things


Mini Mill CNC conversion in work

I’m finally making progress on converting my mini mill to CNC! Here’s a quick picture of the x and y axis mockup with 3D printed stepper motor plates.


New color added, now offering black, grey and blue lanyards!

I’m now stocking black lanyards for those that want a lanyard that looks more like the original version.


1 year and 9 days later, Lanyard #1 still going strong!

While filling up my wife’s car today, I snapped a picture of the very first gas cap lanyard we made. It’s still going strong after one year and nine days!

Thank you to all the other Subaru owners who’ve taken the gamble on the random internet guy selling 3D printed lanyards. I’m glad we’re able to help you guys and gals out too.



3D printed color changing remote controlled LED lamp

IMG_20160405_065504255 IMG_20160404_205746095 IMG_20160404_205738532 IMG_20160404_205634415

Here’s the lamp I made for my Wife’s nightstand.


3D printed cursive names


Here’s something fun that will give your wedding an extra special touch, 3D printed cursive names!


3D printed spinning Easter eggs!


This year to celebrate Easter I designed a print in place spinning Easter egg. I wrote up more details over on instructables if you’re interested in reading more.





3D printed things!


I made this for friends of mine who have a yearly camping trip to Lake Kachess, this year marked their 25th annual trip! It’s a custom cribbage board featuring the terrain of Lake Kachess.

No really, there’s a picture… but you have to click the title. I didn’t realize the pic wouldn’t show up on the home page… Working to fix that next…