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WordPress and paypal…

WordPress and paypal don’t seem to be playing nice lately. Sorry for the inconvenience. The cart button is working again…for now…
I am working on a new website. With a better cart.


Embedded magnets!

Embedded magnets! Totally hidden once the print is complete.

Here’s a quick close up pic from about halfway through my latest 3D print job.


Mini Mill CNC conversion in work

I’m finally making progress on converting my mini mill to CNC! Here’s a quick picture of the x and y axis mockup with 3D printed stepper motor plates.


New color added, now offering black, grey and blue lanyards!

I’m now stocking black lanyards for those that want a lanyard that looks more like the original version.


1 year and 9 days later, Lanyard #1 still going strong!

While filling up my wife’s car today, I snapped a picture of the very first gas cap lanyard we made. It’s still going strong after one year and nine days!

Thank you to all the other Subaru owners who’ve taken the gamble on the random internet guy selling 3D printed lanyards. I’m glad we’re able to help you guys and gals out too.



Lanyards back in stock!

Grey lanyards are back in stock, blue coming back soon too!


Blue gas cap lanyards temporarily sold out

I sold my last blue gas cap lanyard today. A lucky customer in Alabama got the last one, thanks for your order!

I still have grey lanyards ready to ship. More blue 3d printer filament will be on order Monday, but it will still be a couple weeks before I have more blue lanyards printed and ready to ship.


Makerneer is moving!

Yep, it’s time for a new workshop! That’s one reason things have been a little slow lately. I’ve been busy moving and getting things in order for the new workspace. I should be back up and running at full speed in about two months.


Makerneer lanyards now found from Hawaii to Florida!

I shipped my first lanyard to Hawaii this week! Makerneer lanyards are now found coast to coast and then some!

Thanks everyone, hope you’re all happy with your new, unbroken gas cap lanyards.

Alaska, you’re next. Don’t worry, I’ve been testing them for you – even when frozen they’re still flexible and don’t break!


(Yep, that’s a gas cap lanyard in my freezer… My wife is very understanding 😉